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Kolawole Akinsumbo


No Code Software


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Course Requirements

  • You don't need to know anything about WordPress.
  • We will teach you everything STEP by STEP.
  • Basic knowledge of Computer will be helpful.
  • All tools which we are using are FREE.

Course Description

Welcome to the ultimate WordPress course! This course is designed to teach you all the basics and fundamental concepts of WordPress, and how to build a fully functional business website from scratch.

We will start by exploring the WordPress interface and its various components and then delve into the essential features of building a blogging site. You will learn how to install and set up WordPress on localhost, create and manage content, and optimize your site for search engines.

Next, we will move on to building a business website using WordPress. You will learn how to choose and customize a theme, create pages, menus, and sidebars, and integrate essential business features such as contact forms and social media.

We will also cover migrating your site from localhost to an online server. You will learn how to backup and restore your WordPress site, transfer your files and database, and avoid common migration pitfalls.

In addition, we will explore the domain and hosting setup process. You will learn how to choose the right domain and hosting provider, how to set up your domain and hosting, and how to migrate your site from one hosting provider to another.

The best part of this course is that we add new lectures every now and then based on the requests of our students. We want to make sure that you have access to the latest and most relevant information about WordPress.

And, I personally answer all the questions of students in the discussion section. So, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask and I will do my best to help you out.

Join us today and take your WordPress skills to the next level!

Course Outcomes

Anyone who wants to learn WordPress.

Anyone who wants to create Websites, Blogs and E-Commerce sites with Ease.

Anyone who wants to start a Web Design business.

Anyone who wants to become a Web Developer.

Course Curriculum

1 LuTA LMS Overview
Preview 4 Min

2 A word from the Instructor
Preview 2 Min

3 Join LuTA Student Community
1 Min

1 Web Like a Pro Introduction
7 Min

2 Frontend vs Backend vs Full-stack
5 Min

3 CMS vs Framework
12 Min

4 eCommerce Website Explained
8 Min

1 Wireframing with Figma 1
11 Min

2 Wireframing with Figma 2
4 Min

3 Wireframing with Figma 3
3 Min

4 Wireframing with Figma 4
24 Min

5 Web Pro Figma
13 Min

1 Choosing a Domain Name and Hosting
14 Min

2 Installing WordPress from cPanel
9 Min

3 Access WordPress Backend
14 Min

1 Understanding WordPress UI
12 Min

2 Plugins and Tools
10 Min

1 Choosing Template and Theme
5 Min

2 Customizing your Theme
8 Min

3 Adding Content to Theme
22 Min

4 Premium Theme
7 Min

5 Premium Theme 2
12 Min

6 Working with Sliders
40 Min

1 Web Like a Pro: SEO Bonus
22 Min

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Website Design with WordPress: Web Like a Pro!


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